Alfie Hewett & Gordon Reid Win Doubles Title.

British Open Wheelchair Tennis Alfie Hewett & Gordon Reid Win Doubles Title

British Open Wheelchair Tennis: Alfie Hewett & Gordon Reid Win Doubles Title.

With a 6-2 6-3 victory over France’s Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer in Nottingham, Alfie Hewett and Gordon Reid won their second British Open men’s wheelchair doubles title.

Before clinching their triumph, the British pair controlled both sets.

“It’s good to get this title in our last tournament before heading to Tokyo for the Paralympics,” said Reid.

Hewett said: “To get our fourth title is something we’re really happy about.”

The top seeds claimed their 12th Grand Slam title as a pairing.

In 2015, Hewett and Reid won the British Open doubles title.

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