How Long Is A Tennis Court?

How Long Is A Tennis Court

Find out the standard tennis court dimensions for the for singles, doubles, and the different types of tennis courts.

How long is a tennis court? Tennis court measurements length of the court is 23.77m long. However, the width of the singles and doubles matches court are different. The width of the singles tennis court is 8.23m wide and the length of doubles tennis court is 10.97m wide.

Tennis court measurements can be written in various measurement sizes including in meters, and feet, as shown in the table below.

The Dimensions Of A Tennis Court

Tennis Court MeasurementTennis Court Dimensions In Metres (Meters)Tennis Court Dimensions In Feet /Tennis Court Size In Feet
Tennis Court Length23.77m78ft
Tennis Court Width for singles’ court8.23m27ft
Tennis Court Width for doubles court10.97m36ft
Surface Area Of Singles Court195.7sq m2,106sq ft
Surface Areas Of Doubles Court260.9sq m2, 808 sq ft
Dimensions of a tennis court

Dimensions Of A Tennis Court Visual Image

Dimensions of a tennis court in feet | Dimensions of a tennis court in meters Source:Simple.Wikipedia.Org

Tennis Court Areas Measurement

 Area Of Tennis CourtWidthLengthArea
Service Box13.5ft/4.1m21ft/6.4m283.5sq ft/26.3sq m
Backcourt (No Man’s Land)18ft/5.5m27ft/8.2m486sq ft/45.2sq m
Double’s Alley4.5ft/1.4m39ft/11.9m175.5sq ft/16.3 sq m
Major tennis court areas

Net Dimensions

  • 3.5ft/1.1m high at net posts
  • 3ft/0.9m high in the center

Centre line dimension is 4”/0.1m long

International Tennis Court Length

At international levels, the 6 main standard courts recommended by the International Tennis include:

  1. Carpet tennis court
  2. Grass Tennis court
  3. Clay tennis court
  4. Artificial grass tennis court
  5. Artificial clay tennis court
  6. Acrylic tennis court

The different characteristics of the tennis court surfaces directly impacts the speed at which tennis ball moves. Tennis ball moves faster on grass court and slowest in clay courts. Grand Slam tennis winners have won various tournaments at different court surfaces.

  1. Rafael Nadal (male) and Christ Evert (female) has won most Grand Slam tennis tournament in the clay tennis court
  2. Roger Federer has won most Grand Slam tournament on grass
  3. Novak Djokovic has won most Grand Slam tournament on hard court

International Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis ball speed at various types of tennis court surfaces | Source Los Angeles Times

If you are not certain of what tennis court surfaces are used in Grand Slam tournaments, then here is an overview. Grand Slam tournament are grouped into four main categories with each tournament having a special tennis court to be used as follows

Grand Slam tournaments tennis court surfaces

Grand Slam TournamentOfficial Tennis Court Surface
Australian OpenHard tennis courts
US OpenHard tennis courts
French OpenClay tennis courts
WimbledonGrass tennis courts
Grand Slam tournaments tennis court surfaces

Each of this tennis courts have specific construction standards and dimensions that must be met before they can be recommended for use in an international tennis tournament such as in the Grand Slams Tournament. According to the International Tennis Federation tennis construction standards must meet the following guidelines.

Carpet Tennis Court Construction Dimensions

  • If need be, a geotextile membrane can be used
  • Non-frost susceptible granite or carboniferous limestone compacted to 200mm
  • Base course of porous asphalt to be compacted to 40mm
  • Asphalt wearing course depth compacted to 25mm
  • Rubber mat or polymeric carpet to be used

Grass Tennis Court Construction Dimensions

  • Drainage pipe that is perforated to be used
  • Permeable backfill grade depth to be 6-10mm
  • Blinding layer between soil and grass foundation to be 50mm depth
  • Top soil zone of sand, clay or silt to be 100-150mm
  • Turf depth to be 8-12mm
  • Grass to be used depends on drainage system, soil, frequency to use the court, and how regular the court will be maintained.

Clay Tennis Court Construction Dimensions

  • On to the sub-grade, a geotextile membrane to be placed
  • Foundation depth of compartment should range 120-600mm
  • Crushed aggregate depth range to be 40-50mm
  • Fine crushed aggregate to be added should have a depth range or 3-6mm
  • Slope of the clay too be 0.25-0.35% for ease of water flow

Artificial Grass And Artificial Clay Tennis Court Construction Dimensions

The following construction standards apply for both artificial grass tennis court and artificial clay tennis court for an international tennis court.

  • Drainage system to be put in place if need be.
  • Artificial grass to be laid on asphalt or concrete for ease of drainage
  • Geotextile membrane to be used
  • Non-frost susceptible granite or carboniferous depth must be at least 150mm
  • Porous base of asphalt to be 40mm
  • Aggregate porous asphalt should be 6 mm and 25mm for open grade
  • Wearing course for artificial grass to be sand filled.

Acrylic Tennis Court Construction Dimensions

An acrylic tennis court base can be constructed using either asphalt or normal concrete. A tennis court made of concrete should have a reinforcement to minimize chances of cracking. Below are specific characteristics of an acrylic tennis court.

  • Geotextile membrane can be used as a reinforcement
  • Compacted foundation depth ranges to be within 150-200mm
  • Base course of asphalt to be 35-40mm
  • Wearing course of compacted asphalt depth to be 25-30mm
  • Cushion system can be used
  • Coating to be used can be polyurethane or acrylic coating


International tennis court dimension must meet the laid down guidelines by the International Tennis Federation. Besides, there exist specific standards in which the various types of tennis court such as clay tennis court, grass tennis court, and acrylic tennis court must be meet.

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