Judy Murray Criticizes Public Release of Aryna Sabalenka’s Post-US Open Final Moment

Formerly on Twitter and now using the social media platform X, Judy Murray has voiced her disapproval regarding disseminating footage capturing Aryna Sabalenka’s emotional response following her defeat in the US Open final against Coco Gauff. Sabalenka, the reigning WTA world No. 1, lost the match 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, marking Gauff’s triumphant grand slam victory at 19.

In her X post, Murray strongly asserted, “This footage should never have been made public. A private moment in an empty training room after the disappointment of losing a grand slam final.”
The video initially shared on X by Eurosport France depicts the 25-year-old Sabalenka venting her frustration by smashing a racket on the floor within a training room before discarding it into a bin.

Broader angles of the video reveal the presence of a camera crew in the background, affiliated with Netflix’s docu-series “Break Point,” which Sabalenka featured during its inaugural season. Following its successful debut, the documentary, featuring candid behind-the-scenes content, has been greenlit for a second season.

The public reaction to this footage was divided. Many social media users echoed Murray’s sentiment, contending that such moments in training rooms should remain private. Conversely, upon observing the wider-angled footage, which included the camera crew, some argued that the video couldn’t be deemed entirely confidential as Sabalenka was aware of being filmed.

Certain commenters even commended the world No. 1 for revealing her “human response” away from the court while expressing satisfaction that she allowed Gauff to relish her victory. Some viewers confessed that the footage endeared Sabalenka to them even more.

One X user expressed, “This is how a true winner with good grace should act. She gave the match winner the respect they deserved and managed her emotions in private. I am more impressed with her after seeing this. That takes immense emotional intelligence. However, I agree this should not have been released.”

In response to a humorous take on the footage by Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, Sabalenka shared a light-hearted reaction on Instagram. In her Instagram story, she expressed, “I’m dying,” followed by seven laughing emojis, reacting to a video that superimposed Portnoy’s face over hers, accompanied by the caption “me after @sabalenka_aryna lost.”

Notably, Sabalenka officially ascended to the world number one ranking on September 11th, following the conclusion of the US Open, which transpired after Iga Swiatek’s loss to Jelena Ostapenko on September 4th, ending Swiatek’s 75-week consecutive reign at number one. Sabalenka’s achievement solidified her status as only the eighth player to attain the number one spot in both singles and doubles and the 29th woman to attain the top position in the WTA rankings.

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