What Is An Ace In Tennis?

What Is An Ace In Tennis

Ace in tennis definition is visually interesting. Read for yourself the meaning of ace.

What is an ace in tennis? An ace in tennis means that when a player serves a tennis ball, the ball enters and hits the opponent’s service box and the opponent is unable to touch or even return the ball back with a racquet. Thus, the ace result in a winning point to the player who served.

In other words, rules of tennis legalizes an ace in a tennis game. An ace serve is often not returned by the opponent. The server wins a point for the serve. Often, professional players get an ace in the initial serve of a tennis ball.

Pro tennis players try as much as possible to win as many aces as possible either during a first serve or focusing the ball in the opponent’s weakest sides. You should not confuse what is an ace in tennis and what is a let in tennis.

 In fact, it can be noted that scoring using the ace technique is much faster but for you to be able to perfect your ace skills you need several practical trainings. Pro players focus more energy to perfect their ace serving skills since it is much easy to win a game or perhaps gain more points with an ace serve.

Ways Of Earning Ace Serve Chance

Most tennis players desire to earn ace serves. However, sometimes if the opponent is also skillful and fast enough chances of you getting an ace serve are slim. That is not to say that you cannot get an ace during a tennis game.

With much experience in the tennis field, you can realize that when you focus a tennis ball towards the corner of the opponent and when you focus the ball straight to your opponent results in varying time of the opponent to touch the ball.

A straight shot is easy for the opponent to return back. However, if you can focus towards the corner of the service court of your opponent the time the opponent reaches to return can be too late just enough for you to win an extra point.

The opponent may fail to run fast enough to return a ball aimed at a corner compared to a ball aimed at the center of the service court. That said, sharpen your skills during practice. Be ware of rules of tennis such as faults by learning more on what is a fault in tennis so that you can avoid them faults when conducting an ace serve.

Chances of you scoring an ace serve is high. Besides, when conducting your own practice you do not need to have an opponent. Just simply assume an opponent exist and practice your ace serves as much as you can.

Besides, when serving for the first time, serve the tennis ball at a great speed such that the opponent will have little to no time to make actual predictions of where the ball will fall. In that manner, a slight delay of an opponent can result in the server winning since the ball can easily hit the opponent’s service court.

Service Winner In An Ace Tennis

The person serving a tennis ball and the ball hits opponent service court without being touched by the opponent is a service winner. Basically, if you do an ace serve and you win then you become a service winner. Global tennis ace serve statistics in All countries is available.

Top 10 Global Service Winner In Ace Tennis in 2020

Name of Tennis PlayerNumber of Tennis Game PlayedNumber of AceCountry
Milos Raonic27446Canada
John Isner20425U.S.A
Reilly Opelka19374U.S.A
Felix Auger-Aliassime39341Canada
Alexander Zverev31338German
Andrey Rublev41328Russia
Taylor Fritz26310Canada
Denis Shapovalov30296Canada
Alexander Bublik26260Russia
Novak Djokovic39245Serbia
Tennis ace stats

How Many Point In An Ace In Tennis?

Normally you only win a single point per successful ace serve. So, to gain more points as a tennis player you need to get more scores from many ace. However, not everyone is lucky to win from an ace serve but there are several sections of a tennis match in which you can still earn a score.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advantage in tennis?

Advantage in tennis means winning after a deuce score. To be clear of tennis terms in tennis scoring which starts from love, 15, 30, 40, deuce, ad-in, ad-out, and advantage score is either ad-in or ad-out. Ad-in means the person who started serving first in a game wins, while ad-out means the receiver wins. Deuce is a tie score of 3 points which in tennis is 40.

What does baseline mean in tennis?

A baseline in tennis means the farthest end of a tennis court that is out of bounds for tennis players when serving a tennis ball during an ad court or a deuce. The baseline is parallel to the net located on both sides. Baselines should not be confused with alley in tennis that are out of bound boundaries perpendicular to the net for singles but can be used by doubles players.


With a clear description of what is an ace in tennis, you get to understand that it is possible to hit a tennis ball to the opponent’s service court without being touched by the opponent. A successful ace is an automatic win of one point. Being able to earn and maximize your ace serves can greatly better your tennis scores.

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