10 Things Naomi Osaka Spends Her Millions On

10 Things Naomi Osaka Spends Her Millions On

Naomi Osaka is the highest earner among the female tennis players across the globe. Her income sources are divers including sports, brand ambassador, and her successful businesses.

A bit of her background, Osaka was born in Japan. However, the family relocated to American when Osaka was barely three years old. Besides, the tennis player plays for Japan after choosing to play for her native country and not US during her initial years of becoming popular player.

These are the 10 things Naomi Osaka spends her millions on:

1. Nissan GTR

This is one of her luxurious sports car specially designed for her by Nissan brand. The GTR car was first released in 2007 and since then it has become one of the most popular luxury cars by athletes.

The GTR car costs over $100,000 but the specially designed Osaka car is speculated to cost about $1million. Her car is a 3.8 liter with 20 turbocharge V6. It also has 467 pound feet of torque and 564 horsepower.

 The car audition are available for purchase in a variety of colors. However, the car is only available in Japan and there exists on 50 models of such with one being Osaka’s car.

2. Investing in Herself

Some of her money she invest back to her career to make her a better player.

3. Charity Clothing Line

Osaka own a clothesline. Some of her product are branded with her name expressing love. For instance, she sells branded masks written ‘I Literally Love Naomi Osaka’. Most of the sales she gets from her clothesline go to charities. Most of her masks are sold over a Japanese website in which she makes huge sales within the shortest time.

4. Private Jet

Being a multimillionaire, Osaka owns her private jet and can fly anywhere in the world whenever she desires.

5. Travel

Osaka travels a lot whenever she is out of the courts just for fun. Some of Naomi’s popular destination include Japan, Rome, and Italy just to mention a few.

6. Tennis Gear

The champion is often provided with tennis gear by brands. She was once an ambassador for addidas. Later, she secured a luctrative contract with NIKE worth $10 million that makes her dress from head to toe with NIKE gear. Her deal with NIKE ends in 2025 when she may choose to renew of opt to enter a new deal.

7. Multimillion Mansion

The world female tennis champion owns a luxurious mansion in Los Angeles. Her house covers an area of about 4,000 sq feet and has 5 bedroom. She bought the house for $6.9 million in 2019. Her house was originally built in 1960s and later renovated by Space International Designers in 2015.

The house interior decor showcase Japanese heritage. The floors has hard wood, the home has a 2 storey compact guesthouse, a gym, outdoor infinity pool, and a sunset view deck.

She also has another home in Florida in which some of her loved ones lives.

8. Louis Vuitton Bags

As a celebrity, she promotes the luxury bags brand known as the LOUIS VUITTON. Prior to her being the brand ambassador, she was already in love with their bags and was the owner of the most expensive bag of Louis Vuitton.

Besides, the brand designs her bags with Japanese inspiration with further enhances her passion for the bags.

In one of her statements, Osaka said “Aside from tennis, my most treasured passion is fashion; and there is no brand more iconic than Louis Vuitton.”

9. Fashion

The star is in love with fashion as she showcase her numerous designs in her Instagram. She even dresses in wedding dress just for fashion and not a real wedding.

“On and off the court, fashion plays a really big role. To me it’s another way to express one’s individuality,” said Osaka.

10. Supporting Young Female Athletes

She spends some of her money to support the next generation of female with passion in sports. As a result, she invests in North Carolina Courage Association which is her organization.

The motivation behind Osaka giving back to the community is because there was also a woman who invested in her when she was a beginner.

Besides, so much love from her female athletes makes her desire to support others.

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