Where Do Female Tennis Players Keep The Ball?

Where Do Female Tennis Players Keep The Ball

Some females will make you laugh and be excited. Here is where female tennis player keep the ball.

Where do female tennis players keep the ball? Female tennis players can keep the ball using women’s tennis ball holder, have the ball tucked under their spandex, or put the ball inside the shorts pockets. Besides, female skirts have undershorts that have pockets or tennis ball holder for putting a ball. They can also use a waist tennis ball holder.

The main reason that tennis players have an extra ball is just to have a spare ball in the court. For instance, in a case where a player serves for the first time and the ball goes much off the field, instead of going to get the ball to do a second serve the extra ball comes in handy.

Besides, tennis players fans can get excited to just have a glimpse of a female player trying to open up her tennis ball holder under skirt or dress to retrieve a ball. It is like female players ball retrieval process can makes the game lively. That said, here is some common places where female players put their extra tennis ball.

Female Tennis Player Can Hold A Tennis Ball Under A Spandex

A female player who plays in a skirt or a dress may consider putting on a spandex. A spandex is a stretchy inner garment that can allow a tennis ball to be tucked.

In that manner, the ball is hold in a good position irrespective of the movement of the player without falling off. The ball can only get out when removed by a player.

Besides, spandex are an additional tennis attire for females that do not only act as a tennis ball holder under skirt for holding an extra ball, but also limits ball movement that can cause distraction when playing.

The ball is safely held in place and a player doesn’t have to worry about the ball falling off anytime or perhaps the ball distractingly moving up and down when moving about.

Furthermore, manufacturers designs tennis spandex in a special manner to hold the ball. So, chances of losing the ball in a play is slim. Spandex are a good choice for ball holders under a dress or a skirt in a tennis match for females.

Female Players Can Keep Tennis Balls In Deep Shorts’ Pocket

Not all females are comfortable to play in a tennis skirt or a dress. Some females can choose to dress in shorts just as men. However, most female shorts have panties on the inside.  

So, if you are wondering what female tennis players wear under their shorts is a small under pants. Besides, there is nothing wrong about wearing a skirt, a dress, or a short for females. What matters is the players’ comfort.

Tennis shorts have been specially designed to have deep pockets that act as tennis ball holder for an extra tennis ball. When choosing a short to wear for a tennis match, the pocket should be deep enough to securely hold the ball without the risk of the ball falling off during playing. A falling ball can be a great distractor to players.

What do female tennis players wear under their shorts? Undershorts or tennis panties, but for skirts the female tennis players mostly wear undershorts. Despite being a personal choice to choice either undershorts or tennis panties to wear inside a tennis skirts, it is much more comfortable to wear a tennis undershorts than a panty.

Female Players Can Tuck Tennis Balls under Tight Shorts

Some women prefer dressing in tight shorts, commonly referred to as compression shorts, rather than putting in a normal deep pocket short, a skirt, or a dress. A few tennis female player put balls into her knickers.

So, when a female player wears tight shorts which in most cases has no pockets the extra ball is put inside the short. From the ends, the short is pulled to create an opening for the ball to be inserted between the female players leg and the inside leg of the short.

However, the short should be tight enough and some are of spandex material to securely hold the ball without the risk of the ball getting out during playing. High quality tight shorts should be chosen that can specially hold an extra tennis ball.

Besides, most female tennis skirts or tennis dresses come with an undershorts which can have an extra pocket, a tennis ball holder, or the ball can just be tucked in. Tennis dress with shorts are specially made to have an extra tennis ball holder place.

The female elasticized undershorts pockets mostly faces downwards for ease access and fast removal of the ball whenever needed. The high quality undershorts are good enough to securely hold the ball for a female player without compromising the player’s comfort.

Women’s Tennis Ball Holder Can Keep Extra Ball For Female Players

Extra ball can be kept within a female waist using a tennis ball holder. Tennis ball holder comes in various variations such as:

  • A tennis ball holder bag.
  • A tennis ball band.

Tennis ball holder bag is designed to have a round band that covers the entire waist circumference but has an extension of a bag to hold the ball. On the other hand, a ball band looks like a circular band worn around the waist where the ball can be tucked under the band.

Any of this waist tennis ball holders are good at holding a ball as long as good tennis skirts that don’t ride up have been worn. However, it is worth trying out the holder during practice to ascertain its comfort for you as a player before going to a match with the holder.

The holder should be tight enough to hold the ball with minimal up and down movement of distraction. Besides, the holder should be able to stick on a single position and not move about as the player is also moving.

Falling Off Of Extra Tennis Ball

Although rare, but once in a while you may have seen the extra stored tennis ball falling off during a tennis match. Such an event is not only a distractor to the player but also the opponent. A fallen ball during a match possess a risk of:

1. Distraction

Since the ball was extra, the time you need to use the extra ball say after a fault serve the ball is not there. So you have to wait for another ball. Besides, you cannot choose the ball that will be thrown your way and even if it was not in good condition you will have no option but to use it.

2. Risk Injury

Tennis court should be clear off any debris or balls.  A fallen ball possess a risk of falling and causing injury when a player in high speed motion accidentally steps on the ball. You can fall and in worst case scenario have injuries such as sprains that can hinder you from continuing with the game.

3. Loosing Point

The first time the ball falls out of your pocket, you are given a warning. No point deduction. However, if the ball falls out again you are penalized some of your hard earned points. Thus, it is worth ensuring that you wear the correct attire that can securely hold your ball throughout the game.

Why Do Tennis Players Keep An Extra Ball In The Pocket?

Tennis players keep an extra ball in the pocket to minimize delays of having to wait to receive a ball. For instance, when serving a tennis player has two chances. If a first serve is faulty, the player can quickly take the extra ball to do a second serve without wasting too much time.

A player may have a notion of perhaps not wearing an attire with a pocket to minimize losing the ball while playing. However, you should have an extra ball when playing to be able to quickly replace a ball when served wrongly.

Otherwise, if you choose not to come with an extra ball any time your serve is off you result in time wastage since everybody has to wait for you to acquire another ball. In some cases you may be penalized for this. Otherwise, ensure you have deep pockets or a suitable holder to securely hold your extra ball.


Now you have a vivid picture of where do female players keep the ball. The female players make use of tennis ball holder. Women’s tennis ball holder can come in various form. Some wear tennis ball holder under skirt, some tennis dress with shorts have deep pockets, some tennis ball holder are worn on the waist. Besides, some prefer to wear spandex or tight shorts to tuck in the extra ball. For female players who are comfortable playing tennis in shorts, undershorts or tennis panty is what female tennis players wear under their shorts.

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