What Is Deuce In Tennis?

What Is Deuce In Tennis

Learn the basic tennis scoring terminology, the deuce.

What is deuce in tennis? Deuce in tennis means a score equivalent to three points and both the tennis players have equal points of three. In tennis deuce is written as 40. So at deuce both tennis players score is 40-40 (40-all). When a deuce point is achieved, the winner is declared only after the player wins the next two points consecutively.

Tennis scoring system has special tennis terms worth understanding for you to be able to know the actual scores of tennis players. Tennis scoring has a slight variations in its scoring system through the use of special tennis terms such as love, all, 15, 30, 40, deuce, ad-in, and ad-out.

If you are uncertain of how to pronounce deuce, you can click the microphone icon in this Dictionary.Cambridge.Org To be able to clearly understand deuce in tennis, here is tennis scoring system for a guide.

Tennis Scoring PointScored Points
AllTied Score
DeuceTie Score at 3 points
Ad in Server wins 1 point after deuce
Ad outReceiver wins 1 point after deuce
Tennis Scoring

What is love in tennis means the first score in tennis scoring system. The score love, implies a score of zero points. A popular theory to explain the origin of love in tennis is perhaps a player simply play the tennis game for the love of it despite a score of zero. You can find more information about love in tennis in this article what does love mean in tennis.

A score of 15-0 in tennis is called 15-love, similar to 30-0 is 30-love, and 40-0 is 40-love.

Note, a score of 0-0 is not love-love. There is nothing like that in tennis. Instead, a score of 0-0 is called love-all.

If both players have equal score of 15, meaning they have 1 point each (15-15), in tennis the score is written as 15-all. If the players have equal points of 2 each (30-30) the score is called 30-all. If the players have a score of 3 points each (40-40) the score is called 40-all or deuce tennis score.

Deuce Meaning In Tennis

So, what does deuce mean in tennis? It means a tied score of 40-40 which is also known as 40-all. At deuce point both players have scored equal points worth 3 points each. In order to win after a deuce point, a player must score 2 extra points consecutively after the deuce point.

Tennis TermScored points  (both players)
DeuceTied score at 3 points
Deuce meaning in tennis

What Is Deuce In Table Tennis?

In table tennis or in ping pong, deuce means a tie score at 40-all. Both players have scored 3 points each and have thus attained a deuce score.

What Is Deuce In French?

Deuce in French is égalité according to CollinsDictionary.com. However, deuce is commonly referred to as deux in French. Deuce origin came from the word ” à deux le jeu ” which means “to both is the game” referring to the two tennis players having equal scores according to EnWikipedia.Org.

Deuce Synonym

According to thesaurus.com some of the deuce synonym include: two, duo, match, team, couple, combination, duality, twins, doublet, combo, combine, or two of a kind.

How A Deuce Court Looks Like

The normal tennis court can be partition so you can visualize some important key tennis terms. Here is a deuce court as illustration.

Deuce Court. Source Victorian-Era.Org

What Comes After Deuce In Tennis?

Ad-in or Ad-out score. If a tennis player who started the game by serving wins 1 point after the deuce, then the score is called ‘Ad in’. If the same player wins the next point, meaning he or she has won 2 extra point after the deuce, its game. The player has won the game and is the winner.

However, if a tennis player who started by receiving a ball at the beginning of the game wins 1 point after the deuce then the score is termed ‘Ad Out’. If the same player who is the received wins the next point, meaning he or she has won 2 extra point after the deuce, its game. The player has won the game and is the winner.

Maximum Number Of Deuce Tennis Game

If you are wondering how many deuce are allowed in a tennis game, there is no a limit of deuce score. The game continues until a winner gets 2 points extra after deuce. Remember the first point after a deuce is an ad-in or ad-out as explained above. So, the winner has to score 2 points after the deuce point to be declared the winner.

Besides, in an actual tennis field the maximum number of deuce point achieved was 37 deuce in the year 1975 as documented by TheGuardian.com . The tennis tournament took place in Subiton in United Kingdom. Surrey Grass court was used. The 37 deuce were attained by two men single players, Anthony Fawcett and Keith Glass on 26th May 1975.

Keith Glass was the first player to score 2 points consecutively after the 37th deuce point. Glass won the game.


What is deuce in tennis is a tied score at 3 points. Both tennis players have equal score. Tennis term deuce score is written as 40-40 or 40-all. To win a game or a set after a deuce point, a tennis player must score two extra points consecutively after a deuce score. The longest deuce attained in tennis was 37 deuce after which Keith Glass scored 2 extra points successively to be declared the winner.

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