What Is Tennis Grand Slam?

What Is Tennis Grand Slam

Learn one of the essential tennis term ‘Grand Slam’. You shouldn’t miss this easy and precise definition.

What is tennis Grand Slam? Tennis Grand Slam is a tennis tournament that is annually held under four main championships namely Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, and the U.S Open. Grand Slam meaning that these four main tennis tournament are all held in one year. Grand Slam is an annual event where each event occurs within a period of 2 weeks.

Wimbledon Grand Slam

History Of Wimbledon

Wimbledon commonly referred to as The Championships, is the oldest global tennis tournament. Wimbledon is normally held in London, at All England Club in Wimbledon. The main tennis court used at Wimbledon is grass courts since 1877. Retractable roof started being used in 2009.  

Wimbledon championships occurs late June to early July for a period of two weeks. In 2020, Wimbledon was cancelled due to COVID19 pandemic for the first time since World War II.

Wimbledon Traditions

The main official dress code at Wimbledon is strict all-white. Cream and strawberries are commonly consumed during the tournament as a tradition. Besides, apart from Rolex company that is the time keeper, and Robinsons barley water, no other sponsors are allowed to advertise anything around the tennis court.

Wimbledon Events

Main Events  (number of teams)Junior Events (number of teams)Invitational  Events (number of pairs)
Mixed doubles (48)Girl’s doubles (32)Ladies’ wheel chair doubles (4 pairs)
Ladies’ doubles (64)Boys’ doubles (32)Gentlemen’s wheel chair doubles (4 pairs)
Gentlemen’s doubles (64)Girls’ singles (64)Ladies’ wheel chair singles
Ladies’ singles (128)Boys’ singles (64)Gentlemen’s wheel chair singles
Gentlemen’s singles (128) Senior gentlemen’s invitation doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  Ladies’ invitation doubles  (8 pairs Round Robin)
  Gentlemen’s invitation doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
Wimbledon Events

Wimbledon Match Formats

Wimbledon match formats is either best of five sets or best of three sets. Best of five sets are played by Gentlemen’s singles and doubles. Other Wimbledon events are done played as best of three sets. Best of five sets means a winner wins the game after winning the first three sets. In best of three sets, a winner wins the first two sets. A tennis set comprises of 6 games. Wimbledon Prize Money for the winners vary depending on the type of the game played.

French Tennis Grand Slam Tournament

The French Open championships is commonly known as Championnat de France or  Internationaux de France de Tennis, sometimes it is called Roland-Garros. French Open tennis normally occurs at Stade Roland-Garros in Paris. French open court is a clay court.

Over a period of two weeks beginning late of may is when the French Open takes place. Often, best of five men’s singles is the match that is commonly played in French open. However, other singles and doubles matches for both women and men is also played including the best of three matches.

French Open Clay Courts

The tournament can be described as the most physical demanding globally among all tennis tournament. It is because playing tennis in a clay court is quite challenging since the bounce of the ball is significantly reduced when it hits a clay court compared to a tennis ball hitting a hard court or a grass court.

French Open Prize Money

French OpenSinglesDoubles per teamMixed Doubles per team (Points N/A)
French Open Winner Prize Money

Points Awarded In Grand Slam Tournaments

Women’s Doubles2000130043024013010
Men’s Doubles20001200360180900
Women Singles2000130078024013070104030202
Men Singles20001200720180904510251680
Grand Slam Tennis Points

 Australian Grand Slam

The Australian Open tennis tournament occurs in Australia at Melbourne Park in Melbourne. Common events normally held at the Australian open include men and women singles, men and women doubles, mixed, junior championships, legends and wheel chair events. Also, exhibition events takes place.

Australian Open Courts

The main court for the Australian open is the grass courts. However, hardcourt used include Rebound Ace that is green used up to 2007, from 2008 to 2019 Plexicushion court that is blue was used, and blue GreenSet court has been in use since 2020.

Australian Open Prize Money

Australian OpenSinglesDoubles per teamMixed Doubles per team (Points N/A)
Australian Open Prize Money

U.S Tennis Grand Slam Tournament

U.S Open is a Grand Slam tennis tournament that is played in New York City in the United States. U.S Open official tennis court is a hard court. The tournament is played beginning on Monday the last week in the month of August. The game takes place within two weeks.

U.S. Open Courts

There are 22 courts shaded blue for the U.S Open inclusive of four show courts, 5 practice courts, and 13 field courts. The show courts include Court 17, the Grandstand, Louis Armstrong Stadium, and Arthur Ashe Stadium. In addition, 12 extra courts specially designed for practice are outside the East Gate.

U.S. Open Events

The main events in the U.S Open include women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Wheelchair, junior, and senior tennis is also played. Both best of three sets and best of five sets matches are played. However, women play best of three matches only.

U.S Open Winner Prize

U.S OpenSinglesDoubles per teamMixed Doubles per team (Points N/A)
3R$266,000 $10,000
U.S Open Winner Prize Money

Tennis Grand Slam Schedule

All Grand Slam tennis tournament occurs over a period of 2 weeks. Australian open normally starts mid January,French Open begins late May to early June, Wimbledon starts late June to early July, and U.S Open starts late August to early September. Here is the actual current Tennis Grand Slam Schedule as scheduled by the Grand Slam Tennis Tours.

Grand Slam Winners 2020

2020 Wimbledon tournaments were canceled as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. However, the following are the Grand Slam winners 2020.

Grand Slam Winners 2020

YearTournamentFemale WinnerMale Winner
2020French OpenIga SwiatekRafael Nadal
2020U.S OpenNaomi OsakaDominic Thiem
2020Australian OpenSofia KeninNovak Djokovic
Tennis Grand Slam Winners

Most Tennis Grand Slams Women’s

Serena Williams has worn the most tennis Grand Slams women’s singles in history. The total number of Grand Slam tournament won by Serena Williams is 23 as at October 2020. Serena has won 3 French Open, 6 U.S Open, 7 Australian Open, and 7 Wimbledon tournaments.

Despite Serena having won the most Grand Slam tournaments, in women’s singles, Martina Navratilovab has the highest points in the WTA tournaments. In women’s doubles, Navratilovab has won 31 Grand Slam doubles.

Who Has Won All Won All 4 Grand Slams

Steffi Grafm Margaret Court, Ros Laver, Maureen Connolly, and Don Budge have won all 4 Grand Slams tournaments. Find out more about who has won all 4 Grand Slams in the same year. These outstanding tennis players have actually won all the calendar Grand Slams as shown in the table below

YearTennis PlayerTournament Won
1988-1989Steffi Graf (German, Female)All 4 Grand Slams WTA Tour Championships Olympic Gold Medal
1970Margaret Court (Australian, Female)11 Singles Australian Open 3 Wimbledon Won 3 Grand Slam at least 5 times From 1969-1971, she won 6 consecutive Grand Slams
1962 & 1969Ros Laver (Australian, Male)11 Grand Slam titles, he won Grand Slam Calendar twice
1953Maureen Connolly Brinker (American, Female)Won the calendar Grand Slam Tournament
1937 to 1938Don Budge (American, Male)Won 6 Consecutive Grand Slam titles
Who has won all 4 Grand Slams?

Which Tennis Player Has Won The Most Grand Slam Titles?

As at October 2020, most Grand Slam winners include: Roger Federer has won the most Grand Slam titles totaling to 20 titles each in males. Novak Djokovic is another male outstanding player who is a great competitor to Federer as their Slams points are close. Among the females, Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slams. These players account for tennis records most titles.

Grand Slam Tennis Winners Within A Decade

YearTournamentFemale WinnerMale Winner
2020French OpenIga SwiatekRafael Nadal
2020U.S OpenNaomi OsakaDominic Thiem
2020Australian OpenSofia KeninNovak Djokovic
2019U.S. OpenBianca AndreescuRafael Nadal
2019WimbledonSimona HalepNovak Djokovic
2019French OpenAshleigh BartyRafeal Nadal
2019Australian OpenNaomi OsakaNovak Djokovic
2018U.S. OpenNaomi OsakaNovak Djokovic
2018WimbledonAngelique KerberNovak Djokovic
2018French OpenSimona HalepRafael Nadal
2018Australian OpenCarolin WozniackiRoger Federer
2017U.S. OpenSloane StephensRafael Nadal
2017WimbledonGarbine MuguruzaRoder Federer
2017French OpenJelena OstapenkoRafael Nadal
2017Australian OpenSerena WilliamsRoger Federer
2016U.S OpenAngelique KerberStan Wawrinka
2016WimbledonSerena WilliamsAndy Murray
2016French OpenGarbine MuguruzaNovak Djokovic
2016Australian OpenAngelique KerberNovak Djokovic
2015U.S. OpenFlavian PennettaNovak Djokovic
2015WimbledonSerena WilliamsNovak Djokovic
2015French OpenSerena WilliamsStan Wawrinka
2015Australian OpenSerena WilliamsNovak Djokovic
2014U.S OpenSerena WilliamsMarin Cilic
2014WimbledonPetra KvitovaNovak Djokovic
2014French OpenMaria SharapovaRafael Nadal
2014Australian OpenLi NaStan Wawrinka
2013U.S OpenSerena WilliamsRafael Nadal
2013WimbledonMarion BartoliAndy Murray
2013French OpenSerena WilliamsRafael Nadal
2013Australian OpenVictoria AzarenkaNovak Djokovic
2012U.S OpenSerena WilliamsAndy Murray
2012WimbledonSerena WilliamsRoger Federer
2012French OpenMaria ShapovaRafael Nadal
2012Australian OpenVictoria AzarenkaNovak Djokovic
2011U.S OpenSamantha StosurNovak Djokovic
2011WimbledonPetra KvitovaNovak Djokovic
2011French OpenLi NaRafael Nadal
2011Australian OpenKim ClijstersNovak Djokovic
2010U.S OpenKim ClijstersRafael Nadal
2010WimbledonSerena WilliamsRafael Nadal
2010French OpenFrancesca SchiavoneRafael Nadal
2010Australian OpenSerena WilliamsRoger Federer
Grand Slam Winners Tennis

Grand Slam Winners in Singles by decade. Points won is indicated inside the brackets.

(1) Djokovic, Thiem, Nadal(15)
(7) Wilander, Lendl(8)
(5) Connors, Newcombe(11)
(4) Sedgman, Rosewall, Hoad, Cooper(3)
Budge, Crawford
(3) Edberg, Connors, Borg(4)
(2) Schroeder, Quist, Gonzales(3)

 (2) Sampras, Safin, Kuerten, Hewitt (3)
Kodes, Rosewall
Stolle, Newcombe, Fraser,
Seixas, Savitt, Rose, Patty, Olmedo
(1) Sedgman, Riggs, Petra, Pails, McNeil, Hunt, Bromwich, Bernard, Asboth(2)
Riggs, Von Cramm, Cochet
(3) Anderson, Borotra
 (1) Roddick, Del Potro, Johansson, Ivanisevic, Gaudio, Ferroro, Djokovic, Costa(2)
Rafta, Kafelnikov, Bruguera, Becker
(1) Teacher, Noah, Chang, Cash(2)
Ashe, Smith, Nastase
(1) Rosewall, Roche, Pietrangeli, Osuna, McKinley, Bowrey, Ashe(1) Pietrangeli, McGregor, Larsen, Fraser, Davidson, Anderson (1)
Wood, Tilden, Quist, Moon, McNeil, McGrath, Henkel, Doeg, Bromwich, Borotra, Allison
(2) Patterson, Wood
Stich, Muster, Moya, Lendl, Kuerta, Krajicek, Korda, Gomez
Tanner, Panatta, Orantes, McEnroe, Gimeno, Gerulaitis, Edmondson
    (1) Johnston, Hawkes, Gregory, Gemmell
Singles Tennis Matches Winners


What is tennis Grand Slam is mainly a four groups of tennis tournament played in a year. The tournaments include Australian Open, Wimbledon, French Open, and U.S open. Grand Slam winner prize for the Grand Slam tennis winners amounts to millions of dollars. Tennis Grand Slam schedule covers the whole year with each tournament having a duration of two weeks. A few tennis players have outstanding performance such as Serena with the most tennis Grand Slams women’s, and Federer in males. A few unique players have managed to win all 4 grand slams and some have won the Slams calendar consecutively.

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