Why Are Tennis Skirts So Short?

Why Are Tennis Skirts So Short

This interesting reasons will shock you why tennis females wear skimpy skirts for a game.

Why are tennis skirts so short? Tennis skirts are so short because the short skirts offers maximum comfort, is efficient in temperature management, allows free movement, enhance femininity, is a great fashion, and upholds tradition even in the match.

However, women still wear tiny shorts inside that is also covered by the skirt. Although wearing skirts in tennis is not mandatory since some wear shorts as men and some such as Serena Williams have gone for a tennis game in a body suit. It’s all about your comfort as a player.

Generally, tennis sport is a high demanding game. Players make a lot of movement with whole of their body parts, the running, walking, lifting hands, and all sorts of movement in controlling the game needs the right choice of sports attire.

6 Benefits Of Women Wearing Short Skirts In Tennis

The choice of a tennis skirt outfits aims at enhancing the comfort and flexibility of a player without being of any hindrance whatsoever. In that manner, the player is able to fully concentrate on playing the game rather than wondering how she looks on her clothe.

Key Reasons Why Do Tennis Players Wear Skirts.

1. Short Tennis Skirts Are Comfortable

Short skirts tend to be more comfortable to play with. The last thing a women in a tennis match would want is to wear a long skirt that can hinder movement of the feet or even trap the racket. Short skirts enhances confidence of a player in a game.

2. Short Tennis Skirts Offer Good Temperature Management

Normally, tennis skirts are neither tight nor too straight. Rather the skirts tend to be circular and some can have a few layers. The round shape and the extra material of a tennis skirt outfits acts as a natural fan for the player.

Thus, the short skirts are highly breathable. Since one is likely to sweat during a tennis match, the skirt brings about the desired cooling effect. That is why more women tend to play in a skirt than in a short.

3. Free Movement Occurs In A Short Tennis Skirt

A players feet are free to move. Short skirts do not obstruct movement and allows the player to rush to the ball whenever. Generally, there is too much running in a tennis game and short skirts cannot be an obstruction.

Besides, there is minimal risk of having a racket trapped and held by the short skirt. So, there is much flexibility of movement in a skirt.

4. Short Skirt Enhance Femininity

Women are very mindful of their body appearance compared to men. In fact, a female desires to always have the perfect body shape at all times. Wearing a short skirt allows the female femininity body curves to be vividly seen.

The self-esteem and confidence of the player gets enhanced allowing full concentration on the game and not the outfit.

5. Short Skirts Are Women’s Best Fashion In Tennis

Skirts outfit as a dress code for female tennis players are a great female fashion. The outfit is not only comfortable to wear but also enhances the feminine beauty. Thus, female tennis players in a cute tennis skirt, such as Nike tennis skirt, looks pretty and are generally beautiful.

Besides, the diverse forms of tennis skirts has revolutionized the tennis sports overall fashion for the women. Here is an actual Women Tennis Association female fashion when playing tennis in New York.

6. Short Skirts In Tennis Upholds Tradition

In most traditions, women wear skirts while men can wear shorts or long pants. Even though traditional female clothes such as skirts and dresses were long, times are changing and short dresses and skirts fashion is also great.

So, wearing a skirt in a game is still a way of upholding traditional outfit even though it is now modified to being short.

7. Personal Choice To Wear Short Skirts In Tennis

There is no specific standards of the apparel to wear in a tennis match. Although you can notice that female tennis players tend to make a common choice in the outfit to wear making it become the norm. Most women tend to wear skirts, and a few women wear shorts only with no skirts on top.

Others like Serena Williams has ever come to a tennis match in a jump suit and it was ok. Even for men, some come to a match with short and t shirt while some come with sleeveless shirts, vest like tops. So, it’s all about comfort and how breathable an outfit is.

Dress Code For Female Tennis Players Controversies

There is no standard rule of what to wear in a tennis match. Actually, most players are considered adults and are free to wear whatever outfit. Despite having no specific outfit standards for female tennis players, some women have won very tiny clothes or clothes beyond the tennis fashion norm that had become a source of controversies in a match.

9 Women Controversial Outfits In Tennis Match

1. Getrude Moran

Getrude Moran is a female player commonly known as “Gorgeous Gussie”. Gussie’s attire in 1949 was so outstanding and could go unnoticed. The first tennis skirt in tennis court by Gussie. Gussie wore a short skirt for a tennis match during the Wimbledon championship for the first time in history. No other women before her had ever come in a tennis game in a short skirt.

However, her skirt design became the center of controversies. In fact, a few people viewed her attire as bringing sin in tennis game. It is because the skirt was so short that resulted in exposing the ruffled knickers.

2. Karol Fageros

Just like Gussie, Fageros also wore a short skirt for a tennis match in 1958 Wimbledon championship. However, the controversies came about as a result of Fageros wearing a gold short inside her skirt.

Actually, All England Club demanded that Fageros to change her short to white before being allowed to play the game as a way to prevent a possible “Gorgeous Gussie” scenario.

3. Ann White

Unlike Fageros and Moran who wore skirts, White came for a Wimbledon championship wearing all-in-one spandex catsuit. The catsuit was so distracting to White’s opponent Pam Shriver that resulted in Shriver losing the game.

Shriver later shared her concerns with the tennis tournament officials concerning the poor outfit of White and requesting that White not be allowed in a match in such an outfit.

4. Anna Kournikova

During a tennis game in 2002, Ann wore a short skirt and a small shirt for the game. However, her attire exposed most of her legs and the midriff areas. A few people became concerned.

5. Tatiana Golovian

In 2007 tennis championship, Golovian wore a short white skirt. However, she also wore a red tiny undershort that was very much vivid during the match that was brought into attention of the Wimbledon tennis championship officials.

6. Maria Sharapova

At a Wimbledon championship, Sharapova decided not to go with the norm of tennis dress code. Actually, she dressed in a tux-esque outfit. Although not many were bothered since she lost the match earlier enough and her attire did not get that much attention.

7. Serena Williams

Since women fashion is not strict in tennis, in 2010, Serena Williams showed off her outstanding manicure. On top of that, she won the game.

8. Venus Williams

So far you have noticed more of skirts and shorts, but Venus Williams went further beyond the tennis dressing norm. In Wimbledon championship in 2010, Venus Williams came for the tennis game in a dress.

Williams dress was more of a traditional dress that looked like that of lend Tina Turner. The dress had frills. Despite her dress code, Williams managed to reach quarterfinals. Also, she had a knee injury at during that time.

9. Bethanie Mattek-Sands

In 2011, Bethanie went into the tennis court wearing a jacket. At first, tennis officials were worried of what to expect next of her attire. However, she removed the jacket before starting the game and everything else was ok.

Also, in 2006, Bethanie dressed in short shorts, top tank, and very long socks. Although she lost the game to Venus Williams her opponent.

Choosing A Short Tennis Skirt For A Game

Despite there being no global standard rule on the length of a skirt a female tennis player, can wear, but consider the following tips when choosing your tennis skirt.

Choose A Comfortable Skirt

A very short skirt for one person may not necessarily imply it is short to another. Some female are very comfortable wearing small short tiny outfit which may not apply to others.

So, if you are choosing your skirt ensure you are comfortable with the skirt length. Have a short insider or you can simply wear a short for the match instead of a skirt and an under-short.

Choose A Skirt Not A Shirt

Some skirts are too short that you may thing the skirt is part of the shirt. However, as long as you are comfortable with the outfit you are good to go. Be sure to wear a good undershot to enhance your confidence in the match. The last thing you may want is to lower your confidence in a game with your outfit.

Your Skirts Must Be Fitting

Imagine wearing a skirt that you have to keep pulling up during a game. Your hands should be entirely free from the skirt and you only concentrate on holding the racket and the ball, not when next should you pull the skirt to have it in place.

Test The Skirt Before You Order

Unless you are very certain of the waist and height length dimensions of your skirt, it will be a good idea if you actually put on the skirt before you make a purchase. Trying the skirt ensures you are comfortable with the skirt fitting at the waist and your will be comfortable to move about with the height.

Make Independent Decision

When choosing a skirt, keep in mind that people have varying preferences. So, do not choose a skirt to please others. Choose a skirt to please yourself and make you feel comfortable. The choice has to be made entirely by you. Go with what you think is best for you and not what others think is best for you.

Not A Must You Do Skirts

In the instance you will not be comfortable in a short skirt, it is not mandatory to put on a skirt. Wear a short instead. Besides, it’s all about comfort. So, choose what works best for you.

Good Underneath Shorts For Skirts

Before buying your tennis skirt, ensure the underneath short is comfortable to wear. Besides, the underneath short should cover your body well. Besides, the short can be used to put extra tennis ball during a match.

Deciding On Tennis Panties Or Undershorts

What do female tennis players wear under their shorts? Undershorts or tennis panties, but for skirts the female tennis players mostly wear undershorts.

Despite being a personal choice to choice either undershorts or tennis panties to wear inside a tennis skirts, it is much more comfortable to wear a tennis undershorts than a panty.

A tennis pantie is likely to expose much of your skin. Also, you may not have a place to put an extra tennis ball if you choose a pantie instead of an undershorts.

Wimbledon Tennis Dress Code Rules

The fact that a number of tennis players often come with various designs and mix of colors in a tennis court for a game does not necessarily mean there are no dress code rules.

What is the dress code for female players at Wimbledon? There are no specific rules concerning how short a skirt can be, but Wimbledon officials drafted the following dress codes to be observed by all tennis players:

1.White color is pure white not cream or off white

2. All competitors should be dressed in white

3. Dress code for medical support should be all white unless the need to have colored attire

4. Inner soles and shoes should be white, smooth toe foxing on the shoes, and no pimples shoes to be allowed in the court

5. A single trim solid color at the sleeve color or around the neckline is allowed but not mandatory. The color should not exceed 1 cm thick.

6. Tracksuit bottoms, shorts, and skirts should be white. A single trim of extra color not exceeding 1 cm thick can be added.

 7. All under-shorts or any other type of undergarment worn that can be visible during the match should be white. If color is to be added, it should be within 1 cm thick and be single trim

8. Accessories such as socks, bandanas, headbands, wristbands, and caps should be white. Color if to be added should be a single trim not exceeding one centimeter

9. No writings at the back of dress, shirt, tracksuit top, or sweater. The back should be completely white

10. Logos with color variations including patterns or materials are not accepted.


Generally, main reasons why tennis skirts are so short is because of comfort, breathability, fashion, and enhance femininity. Also, there is no standard rule on how short a tennis skirt should be. Besides, under shorts can be worn they help carry extra balls. In addition, Wimbledon standards entails white attire which is not always followed by a few players.

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