Why Do Tennis Players Wear Same Outfit?

Why Do Tennis Players Wear Same Outfit

Find out interesting things about tennis wear being similar among players.

It is not uncommon to see tennis players in a major tournament wearing the same outfit. The players could have uniform displaying specific tennis clothing brands and the outfit can be changed after a couple of tournaments.

Tennis players wear same outfit because the outfits have been sponsored. Often, tennis players sign contracts with popular brands that then provides them with tennis outfits for a tournament as a way to market the brand’s product. The players have minimal choice or contribution to the outfits design they wear since the sponsor has the final say.

According to Statista.com, tennis clothing sponsors contribute to the highest sponsorship deals for tennis players accounting for 69% of all sponsorships. Tennis clothing brands are always in a competition to win the top ranked tennis players as their brand ambassadors.

As a result, the clothing companies are more than willing to spend millions of dollars in a year to have their brand marketed throughout the entire tennis court.

Sponsors Produce Same Outfit For Tennis Players

Popular Tennis Outfit Brands

Just to mention a few, popular tennis clothing brands include but not limited to

  • Nike
  • Asics
  • Adidas
  • Yonex
  • Uniqlo
  • Lacoste

Tennis Outfit Brands Contract With Players

These brands use the top ranked tennis players as the main marketers of the brand’s outfit. Normally, a brand gets into a contract with a tennis player who is payed handsomely to wear a sponsor’s brand and a logo during a tournament.

Besides, a few tennis player may decide that they will wear the outfit of their choice. However, a brand takes advantage and enters a contract with the player to have the brand logo put on the players’ outfit.

The aim of the sponsor is to have the brand logo or outfit marketed as much as possible since the top ranked players always gets maximum attention by media during a tournament.

Since tennis players are often in a contract with a sponsor for a certain period of time to wear the outfit and logo, when the contract period ends the player has no obligation to dress in any of the previous sponsors’ outfit.

Unless the contract is renewed, the player can dress on whichever outfit or enter into a new contract with another brand.

Tennis Player Choosing Outfit Brand

Often, the choice of whose tennis clothing brand will be marketed depends with who bid the highest. Top ranked tennis players are often a key target to popular brands.

As a result, many brands will approach a tennis player with the hopes of having their brand displayed.

So, how do tennis players choose their outfits? Tennis players choose their outfits based on the most lucrative contract entered with an outfit brand.

Despite having so many outfits to choose to wear, only the highest bidder wins. It is all about a win-win scenario, the tennis player earns well and your brand gets full display.

Same Tennis Outfit In Court

In most cases, whenever players appear to be wearing the same outfit or perhaps the same brand in a tennis court it is because the share a common sponsor. The sponsor will supply the same outfit including a common color of the outfit of the most recent fashion to be created.

However, during Wimbledon tournaments all players are mandated to wear all-white. White dress code at Wimbledon was agreed upon to be the official color of Wimbledon tennis outfit irrespective of the brand.

Besides, if logo and any brand names has to be added on the tennis outfit key standards has to be met.

Unbranded Tennis Outfit In Court

One unusual scenario occurred by the female player named Simona Halop where contract ended and was not renewed. Halop was initially in a 1M contract with Adidas.

However, when the contract ended Halop  renegotiations failed and she was not able to secure the contract. As a result, Halop entered the tennis court in her red tennis dress with no logo or brand name of any company.

Halop won the tournament and Nike company paid her the desired money to have her display the Nike logo.

Tennis Outfit Brand Contract Value In Millions

Tennis players do not rely on one sponsor but they can market more than one sponsor brand at various times. Some deals with outfit brands are so lucrative.

Below is an overview of the few dominant outfit sponsor to the tennis Grand Slam winners.

Tennis PlayerTennis Outfit SponsorContract ValueContract DurationSource
Roger FedererUniqlo£220mFrom 2019  (10 year contract)TheSun.Co.Uk
Rafael NadalNike$50mFrom 2015 (5 year contract)USAToday.com
Novak DjokovicLacoste$9.4mPaid AnnuallyVerdict.Co.UK
Serena WilliamsNike$55m –Chiefmarketer.com
Naomi OsakaAdidas$8.5m per yearFrom 2018 (3 year contract) TheGuardian.com
Clothing companies that sponsor tennis players


Tennis players outfits are mainly done by sponsors of various tennis clothing brand. Similar outfit in a tennis court means the players share a common sponsor with an exception of Wimbledon tennis tournament where the official dress code is white. The choice of tennis player outfit is mainly dictated by the best bidder.

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